a Community Space

"What is a makerspace?"

"Would I be interested in it?"

The answer is "YES!  You are definitely interested!"

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a Community Focus

Offering classes and instruction across many varied disciplines, a desire to empower young and old alike with new skills is part of our founding vision.

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a Community Asset

Metalworking, woodworking, electronics, computers, and more.  The space, tools and matching skillsets enable us to provide the facilities and capabilities to produce whatever can be imagined.

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How Big Can You Dream

The idea of a makerspace could change slightly from person to person and group to group.  The one constant is the fact that a makerspace can become whatever its members want to create.

Here, at the North Mississippi Makers' Tech Dojo, we are creating what will become an asset to the community.  That plan requires vision from its members.  What this means is that you could join in and build a premiere space that produces the outcomes you envision.  A learning center?  An industrial kitchen?  A game development shop?  The only limit here is our imagination.

Sure, we already have some visions underway.  We already house capabilities and retain the know-how to make almost anything we can imagine, but we may not imagine what you do.  So come and add your vision, your imagination and join us at the Tech Dojo and make the dream a little bigger and a little better!


Next Steps...

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